Simple, elegant, efficient. The Oakmont Group approach to brand management provides tailored, cost-effective solutions to your marketing communications needs.

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    Strategy: Get on the same page. Make a plan.

    Sometimes, the most basic questions lead to the most successful brand communications. Does our customer know what we do and why we do it? Basic questions lead to more complex ones, which can then lead to those rare moments of magical epiphany—and BOOM! You’re off and flying toward success.

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    Creative: Say what you mean in a voice that connects with the people you’re talking to.

    Creating a Marketing Communications Plan not only leads you to that “boom” point, it also puts that explosive power in context in a concise plan that keeps your entire team on the same page. Get a plan, make it useful, let it grow and watch out.

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    Execution: Speak with authority and expect success.

    We’re not out to win awards. We’re out to make a difference for your brand in a real and measurable fashion. We can help you sell widgets, concepts, services or dreams. It’s all about saying what you want to say—in a meaningful way—to the right people.

    The immortal Babe Ruth called his shot in the sixth inning of Game Three of the World Series by confidently pointing at the center field bleachers to indicate where he intended to send the ball. Did acting with that kind of authority make a difference? In the words of reporter Joe Williams, “…Ruth pointed to center and punched a screaming liner to a spot where no ball had been hit before.” Take a lesson from the Babe and launch each campaign with the expectation of success. We help you point to your success and then we work to make it happen.

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